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Gunther Toody’s: A Family Restaurant that’s Committed to Quality 

What should you expect from a family restaurant? At Gunther Toody’s, we are committed to providing high quality food and excellent service in a fun, safe environment. Our commitment to quality begins with our burgers, which are made of 100% USDA ground beef that is always fresh, never frozen. But it doesn’t stop there. We carefully select all of the finest ingredients for all of our menu items.

Gunther Toody’s epitomizes what has come to be expected in the 50’s American diner experience. Whether it’s a tasty breakfast, killer Burgers and shakes, or premium platters that will remind you of great home cooking, there is nowhere better to go in Denver or Colorado Springs. But burgers and shakes aren’t all we offer. You can’t get Elvis fries or our special take on a classic breakfast, Gunther’s Benedict, anywhere else.

Fun, quality, and value. That is what we are committed to offering our guests, and that’s what our guests have come to expect. Gunther Toody’s – an American Classic.