American Food at its Best

American food with a 1950’s twist!

Almost 30 years ago, a couple believed that they could generate the “diner” philosophy in Colorado.  These energetic folks knew that a diner had to give the guest four things ; quality food, quality service, a welcoming and fun atmosphere and a clean environment.  Thus the “diner philosophy” was put to the test.

Back in the summer of 1986, the doors were opened to the first Gunther Toody’s in Colorado Springs, CO.  A small 100 seat diner came alive and brought with it the sights, sounds and feel of the 1950’s and 60’s.  From the moment the doors opened, Gunther Toody’s became an American classic.  Folks lined up around the block to get a $.99 breakfast and burgers for under $3.  After much success, Gunther Toody’s ventured into Denver, opening its 2nd location in Arvada in 1989.  It was not long before there was a huge following for our fresh home cooked food and sassy energetic service, all presented in a fun 50’s atmosphere.  Since these first two diners opened in the 80’s, Gunther Toody’s opened 3 stores in the 90’s and 3 more in the 2000’s.  With 8 locations in Denver or Colorado Springs, Gunther Toody’s has become the torch bearer for “diners”.

Whether you bring out of town guests, are having a birthday party, or just looking for a good old fashion fun time when going out to eat, Gunther Toody’s will deliver on that diner philosophy that made us what we are today.




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